JonathanA subsidiary of 47 Media Pte Ltd, Hosthaven I-Services provides affordable Web Hosting services, search engines friendly Web Designs, unique Logo Designs and Corporate Identity, and Search Engine Optimisation services to SME's and individuals.

Established in 2000, we have been growing steadily over the years. 10 years as a web host is like 30 years in "web hosting companies" age! Our value for money web service packages help businesses and individuals establish their web presence in no time!

Since 2001, we have witnessed a continuous decline with the IT industry globally. Many hosting providers have changed their business strategies in order to maintain their competitiveness. Others have been forced to withdraw from the market.

Despite this downturn, we are proud to announce that Hosthaven has shown solid growth in its operation and customer base. In order to prevail in the highly competitive web hosting, web design and logo design market, we will continue to deliver the best value to our customers through the right combination of skills and technologies. We are totally dedicated to this and we believe this is the reason for our success.

7 Reasons Why People Choose Us

Why use us to establish your web presence? There’s more to it than just really fast servers. Here are 7 of the many reasons to choose Hosthaven as your web hosting provider:

Web Hosting Provider

1. Hosting websites since 2000
Hosthaven has been hosting websites for 10 years. In “Internet Age”, it’s almost like we’re 30 years old! With the constant changes in technologies and web standards, it is important to have a web hosting company that’s going to be here today as well as in the long haul.
Efficient Website Hosting
2. We’re small
Yes. You heard it right. One of the reason why we’re still here after 10 years is because we’re small! Being a small company means that decisions and actions can be carried out quickly without going through unproductive bureaucracy. And we do not plan on becoming a large company. We operate our business on a tight ship. We streamline our systems and billing processes; we don’t have any frills (like the $5000 office chairs of some of the now bankrupt web hosting companies).
Debt Free Web Host
3. We’re debt free
And what does that mean to our clients? Being a debt free website hosting and design company with minimal overheads means that we are not desperate to secure deals and therefore we can be selective with who we want to work – having a manageable client load means our clients’ projects get done on time.
Fast Web Hosting Servers
4. We’re fast. And our servers, too!
We pride ourselves in providing the fastest web services in the shortest possible time. From setting up your web hosting account, to designing your web site and company logo, our fast turn around time often amazes our clients, and even our competitors too! But does speed equal sub-standard jobs? Take a look at the projects we’ve done at the web design and logo design sections and you decide for yourself. By the way, did you also notice how fast our web pages download?
Affordable Web Hosting
5. We Keep Hobbyists Out!
Unlike many web hosting companies, we DO NOT offer unlimited web space and bandwidth and a dirt-cheap price, too. Have you ever heard of anyone owning a computer that offers unlimited hard disk space? It’s impossible. Read our blog to understand why. We priced our package at a level high enough to ward off hobbyist and spammers but affordable enough for serious companies who are not willing to offer their online presence to the cheapest vendor!
Web Hosting Clients
6. Our web hosting clients stay with us
At Hosthaven, we believe that the best value for our customers is to provide ultimate service quality together with highly reliable network performance at a very competitive price. It is not by coincidence that our customer retention rate averages over 99% in an industry that lacks customer loyalty and why most of our new customers came through referrals.
Web Hosting Joy
7. Finally…
We love what we do and we’re having a lot of fun doing it!