The strategy behind designing a successful and memorable logo involves a process which progresses through various stages of listening, research, development, feedback and changes.

And because you’re the sole and legal owner of the design to your logo, you can do anything you like to it; including trademarking it!

Logo Design Work Order
1. Work Order Issuance
After both parties (Hosthaven and client) agree to work on the project we require that the client issues a work order by paying 70% of the agreed price so that we can continue on collecting the final requirements for the project.
Logo Design Requirements
2. Requirements Collection
Before our team of logo design professionals begins designing your custom logo, we need to establish your specific target audience and company objectives. Our web form will aid you in voicing your specific needs through a series of intuitive questionnaire. With the answers provided by you, we will generate ideas on how to best represent your business visually within a graphical and/or text context.
Logo Design Concepts
3. Initial Concepts Within 5-Working Days
Within 5-working days, we'll present to you up to 5 initial design concepts by up to 5 logo designers for you to choose from. All design concepts will be based on the answers you provided via the web form you've submitted and they will encompass your rigid and personalized requirements.
Unlimited Logo Design Revision
4. Unlimited Revisions
Upon review of your initial logo design concepts, if you like any of them, you can make a decision as to which logo designs are worth investigating deeper. At this stage we discuss the logo design samples and see which ideas you like and dislike. However, if none of the logo design concepts is acceptable to you, our logo designers will go back to the drawing board again. We will do this as many times as are required to satisfy your logo design needs. Once we know what design you have selected and you have emailed your design changes to us if any, the designers get to work again. We have a dedicated work schedule. No matter how big or small the changes you require are, you will receive your revised designs in 3 business days.
Logo Design Completion
5. Final Logo
After reviewing through all of the revisions and finally selecting the logo design which best reflects your company's vision, look and feel, it is time to finalise your company logo. Our logo designer will make any final touch-ups if needed and then prepare all the necessary files for all professional printings. Once completed, we'll then send you the entire file in a zip format.