NOTE: Our logo design services have now been moved to our parent company 47 Media Pte Ltd.

Imagine, in 5 working days or less, you’ll get an all-original, custom-designed logo that is uniquely yours. Except you, no one in the world owns that design! And with up to 5 logo designers working on it, the vision you have for your company logo design can be turned into reality in no time!

And because you’re the sole and legal owner of the design to your logo, you can do anything you like to it; including trademarking it!

100% Original Logo Design
100% Unique 100% Original Logo Design
Yes, you have the vision and direction for your company. Allow us to add our creativity to your vision and show it off to the world! Creating a company logo is a very important stage in building brand awareness for your clients. We know. We’ve been there, done that. Consequently we understand how mission critical this stage is. At Hosthaven, our experienced and talented logo designers DO NOT use templates or cliparts. The logo designs we propose to you is 100% unique and 100% original. Our goal is to merge your vision with our creativity and show you off to the world in the shortest possible time.
Logo Design Flexibility
Anyway & Anywhere You Like
Upon completion, we will send you your logo files in various print formats; namely, JPG, PSD, PNG, high resolution TIF, and vector based EPS. These formats are all you need for most professional laser and offset printing. Be it office stationery, banners, billboards, flyers and/or business cards, with these file formats, you can print your new logo in practically almost every way and everywhere you like.
Impressive Logo Design
A Nice Logo > A Thousand Words
As many online visitors don’t get to see your company physically, a well designed logo will definitely leave them a good impression. A picture really paints a thousand words. So does your company logo. Click here to contact us and find out how we can help you bring that into reality!