Social Media MarketingToday, social media rules the Internet and it has changed the way businesses spend their online advertising budgets. Thanks to social media and networking, small to medium size businesses can establish and build their brand online without spending any unnecessary funds. Social media is the wave of the future. It’s a way to instantly create a lasting impression.

Social media is changing the way we communicate and it’s redefining what we think advertising can accomplish, with an immediate return on the investment. When a new product or service is announced or when a business posts a new blog entry or a status update, potentially millions of people are watching.

It’s the influence of social networking on society as a whole that has allowed social media to become a successful marketing format that can reach a massive number of consumers without overselling a product or service.

Facebook marketing is standing out from other social media formats because of a strong surge in the numbers of new members with a constant stream of daily activity from existing users. In Hosthaven I-Services, we:

  • Design attractive Facebook Welcome pages with proper content strategy & plan;
  • Help increase your Facebook page fan count;
  • Design and create targeted advertising campaigns in Facebook.
  • Design campaigns to increase brand awareness, group members, or other business goals.


One of the biggest attraction of using social media is having a 24/7 online presence, with people using their computers worldwide to visit social media sites day and night.

Internet users search for specific products, services or businesses using search engines. With social media it only takes minutes to connect with a potential customer because users search for information based on their own personal networking contacts which eliminates wasted time browsing through useless websites.

Using social media as a marketing concept is like sending potential customers a personal recommendation about products or services from a family member or friend. So, why not capitalise on it?